Sound and Trusted Guidance

Many of our private wealth clients are successful professionals, executives, and business owners from various industries throughout New England and the country. They are committed to their families and communities, and look to us to guide their financial decisions, so they are free to spend more time doing the things they love most.

Investment Planning

Explore wealth strategies that align with your goals and objectives.

Together, we'll follow a disciplined and comprehensive process for managing your investment portfolio. Using appropriate asset allocation and accumulation strategies, we will put a plan in place that is consistent with your goals, time horizon, and comfort level for risk.

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Risk Management

You have worked hard to create your wealth, so you’ll want to protect it with smart risk management strategies. We’ll help you seek confidence for yourself and your family by planning ahead for life’s worst “what if” moments. A solid strategy can help protect your livelihood, your family’s future, and your business.

By partnering with us in the risk management planning process, you can gain greater confidence that your family will enjoy financial security even if the unexpected happens.

Estate Planning

A major goal of estate planning is to help minimize potential taxes without interfering with your other financial goals. If you give away wealth, during life or at death, federal and state taxes may be incurred. You can protect the assets you transfer from excessive depletion by understanding these taxes and the various strategies you can use to help minimize them.

Our customized estate plans seek to help you plan, manage, and preserve a legacy you can be proud of.

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Taxation Planning

Minimize the tax burdens you face now and in the future.

Taxes eat away significantly at investors’ returns, particularly in low-return environments. We help you take advantage of the appropriate tools and structures that can reduce the negative impact taxes may have on your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

Because your retirement can span decades, retirement planning may dominate your other financial goals. Retirement planning involves evaluating your current financial standing and creating an accumulation strategy that will help you pursue your desired retirement lifestyle.

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Identifying Goals

Let’s determine your retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to address those goals.

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Plan Implementation

We’ll pinpoint your sources of income, size up expenses, implement a savings program, and help manage your assets and risks.

Goal Planning

Whether your goal is funding education for your children or grandchildren, buying a home or second home, starting a business, or simply planning for what's next, we provide clarity for your vision. We’ll help you set goals and measure your progress so you know you’re on the right track.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledgeable guidance to confidently pursue all your financial goals.