Plan Design

We implement innovative plan design strategies that focus on participant sucess.

We take the time to understand your objectives and design a retirement plan program that provides your employees with the greatest value while reducing your administrative responsibilities.


Specific areas we focus on:

  • Employer contribution strategies
  • Evaluation of qualification and eligibility issues 
  • Compliance with legislative changes
  • Support services to help simplify plan administration
  • Optimal use of safe harbors, such as 404(c) and QDIA​

Investment Strategy

As your experienced partner, we will help you establish an investment strategy that fits the distinct needs of your firm and your employees.

Our documented investment process aligns with our clients' objectives. Our investment process includes:


Investment Policy Statement
We assist you in developing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that sets guidelines for making investment decisions.

Investment Selection
It's important to construct a well-balanced investment lineup that offers broad diversification across asset classes. We make investment recommendations based on a rigorous evaluation process.

Continuous Monitoring
We conduct periodic investment reviews to check that performance and expenses remain consistent with plan objectives. 

Fiduciary Management & Oversight

As stewards of your plan, we provide fiduciary protection to help minimize risk and maximize participant's success. We will implement a disciplined process to better manage your fiduciary obligations.


Female advisor meeting with a client

Participants Services

Being independent retirement plan consultants enables us to provide your plan participants with what they value most—investment guidance to help them feel confident about the decisions they are making to pursue their retirement goals.


Participant education  
Our custom education programs deliver optimal results to participants. We will work with your participants to:

  • Explain the importance of retirement planning and the options available under the plan
  • Determine their unique investment objectives, tolerance for risk, and time horizon
  • Recommend an asset allocation model suited to their personal needs or goals, based on the investment alternatives available under your plan

Custom communication programs
We offer a specialized approach to communication and can:

  • Tailor a communication program that addresses your specific needs
  • Deliver presentations on broader financial planning topics
  • Conduct educational meetings in either group or individual settings

Vendor Search & Plan Benchmarking

We conduct ongoing reviews and evaluate service providers to help ensure that our clients receive the best value.


Managing vendor due diligence  
Our customized Request for Proposal (RFP) process includes:

  • Gathering data and pricing
  • Analyzing costs, services, and investment choices
  • Facilitating finalist meetings

Ongoing monitoring
Once your plan is in place, you can expect:

  • Monitoring of participation levels and performance
  • Fee benchmarking and analysis against other vendors and plans
  • Guidance on areas of improvement